Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sure Can Kick That Amnesia Around...

The Snark playlist for Tuesday, APRIL 20th, 2010 (Artist/SONG/Album)

Los Fulanos (feat. Peret) -- GATO -- Achilifunk: Gipsy Soul 1969-79
Jenny Lewis -- PRETTY BIRD -- Acid Tongue
Klaus Doldinger -- COMIN' HOME BABY -- Abe Twist Presents: I'm Comin' Home Versions

The Locusts Have No King -- COME ONE, COME ALL -- Come One, Come All E.P.
Tunng -- SANTIAGO -- ...And Then We Saw Land
Stevie Wonder -- I DON'T KNOW WHY (I LOVE YOU) -- Definitive Collection
Dr. Dog -- SHAME, SHAME -- Shame, Shame
Lopez Walker -- SEND ANOTHER MOSES -- Children of Jah: The Chantells & Friends 1977-79

James O-L & The Villains -- BOTH TO BLAME -- Alive at The Colch!
Ian King -- ADIEU TO OLD ENGLAND -- Panic Grass & Fever Few
The Apples -- ATTENTION! -- Attention!
Johnny West -- WEAK BLADDER BLUES -- The Chicken Angel Woman With A Triangle
Tackhead -- TICKING TIME BOMB -- Friendly As A Hand Grenade

Howlin' Wolf -- LITTLE RED ROOSTER -- His Best: Chess 50th Anniversary Collection
Ratatat -- SHEMPI -- LP3
The Black Seeds -- COME TO ME -- Solid Ground
Guts Le Bienheureux -- ESCUCHA ME -- Le Bienheureux
What Seas, What Shores -- TWICE, TWICE, TWICE -- Threnodies
The Fugitives -- EVERYTIME -- Eccentrically We Love
The Spys -- LUDWELL WOODWORK -- Original Punkrock From Canada 1979-80
Death -- ROCK'N'ROLL VICTIM -- ...For The Whole World To See
Wordburglar -- END SMARTLY (Dirty Sample Remix) -- Burgie's Basement

OK, the last song might've gotten mixed up with another Wordburglar number. Sorry...
But thanks for listening!

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