Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fit The Eighth: PLAYLIST FOR APR.13/10

The Snark playlist for Tuesday, APRIL 13th, 2010 (Artist/SONG/Album)

Soul Vendors -- RINGO ROCK -- Studio One Scorchers
Tino -- KICK IT DUB -- Tino's Dub Select

Leif Vollebeckk -- A DOZEN MARES -- Inland
The Black Seeds -- ROTTEN APPLE -- Solid Ground
A.S.K. -- AS IT WAS -- Another Saturday Knight
The Metropole Orchestra -- EGYPTIAN SUMMER -- Kodachrome: Compositions for Orchestra by Raymond Scott
Little Tempo, feat. Likkle Mai -- LIKKLE IN A BEATBOX -- Kedaco Sounds

The Equals -- POLICE ON MY BACK -- Viva Equals!: The Very Best of The Equals

Train 45 -- NINE POUND HAMMER -- Train 45
Y Pants -- LUEGO FUEGO -- Y Pants
The Locusts Have No King -- SONG 6 -- Come One, Come All EP

The Dishes -- GHIDRA (LIVE) -- F.U.B.A.R.!
Prince Fatty, feat. Holly Cook -- MILK & HONEY -- Survival Of The Fattest
Citywide Vacuum -- MUCH TOO JUNG -- Pact
Field Assembly -- LIGHT SPEED -- Broadsides & Ephemera

Zap Pow -- LOTTERY SPIN -- Rare Grooves Reggae by Nova, Volume 1

Lord Fly with The Danny Williams Orchestra -- BLU-LU-LUP -- Mento Madness
Ian King -- EVIL EYE -- Panic Grass & Feverfew
Mable John -- YOUR GOOD THING (IS ABOUT TO END) -- The Complete Stax/Volt Singles, 1955-68

Thanks for listening!

Any discrepancies between this list and what you may hear on an archived show is entirely accidental.

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