Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold

William Cornysh wrote the song Ian King sings for us today.  Cornysh also contributed to the Eton Choirbook (a page from which is pictured above) and was the musical director for Henry VIII's extravaganza with the King of France, known as The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold.  He was obviously a big music guy in the 1520s.
Ah Robin, Gentle Robin, as it's sung by Ian King and Denise Sherwood, is a stealthy seduction.  The lady repeatedly asks Robin about his "leman" (lover) and he blabs and complains.  She's persistent and irresistible.
Valerie Skeete and Madelaine Edghill (out of Akabu) provide additional harmonies.  Hauntingly great.  Simply beautiful.

The Snark playlist for Tuesday, MAY 4th, 2010
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Nomo -- Waiting -- Invisible Cities (Ubiquity, 2009)
Patrick Ballantyne -- I WANT YOU NOW -- Patrick Ballantyne (ind., 2008)

The Ruts -- JAH WAR -- Wild Dub:  Dread Meets Punk Rocker (Select Cuts, 2003) [orig. 1979]
Theory Of Everything -- LOVE ANTHEM -- Schizophrenic Symphony (ind., 2001)
Tunng -- BY DUSK THEY WERE IN THE CITY -- ...And Then We Saw Land (Thrill Jockey, 2010)
Two Dollar Bill -- BROWN'S FERRY BLUES
Louis Prima -- THE MUSIC GOES ROUND & ROUND -- Capitol Collector's Series (Capitol, 1991) [orig. 1957]
Iggy & The Stooges -- SHAKE APPEAL -- Raw Power (Sony, 1997) [orig. Columbia, 1972]

Ian King -- AH ROBIN, GENTLE ROBIN -- Panic Grass & Fever Few (Fledg'ling Records, 2010)
Slim Harpo -- I'M A KING BEE -- Not Fade Away:  15 Classics That Fired Up The Rolling Stones (Uncut Magazine, 2008) [orig. 1957]
Dave Barker -- YOUR LOVE IS A GAME -- Roots Techniques (Pressure Sounds, 1999)
Keith LeBlanc -- YOU DRUMMERS LISTEN GOOD -- Major Malfunction (Select Cuts, 2003) [orig. World Records, 1986]
The Flesh Columns -- (WHY DON'T YOU) TELL MOMMY THE TRUTH (live) -- Opium Wars Beta & Bonus Windsor Garage Band Tracks (Dope Robot, 1980s-90s?)

David Holmes -- THE STORY OF THE INK -- The Holy Pictures (Go! Beat, 2008)
Eddie Cochran -- SWEETIE PIE -- Mojo:  Roots of The Sex Pistols (Mojo, 2005) [orig. 1956]
Contradance -- BLACK PREPPIES -- (1982 single)
The Chills -- SONG FOR RANDY NEWMAN, ETC. -- (Slash Records, 1992)
Ramona Jones -- WHISKEY BEFORE BREAKFAST -- The Greatest Country Fiddlers (CMH, 1989) [orig. CMH, 1982]

Wayne McGhie & The Sounds of Joy -- FIRE (SHE NEED WATER) -- Jamaica To Toronto:  Soul, Funk, & Reggae 1967-74 (Light In The Attic, 2006) [orig. Birchmount 1969]
The Peace Leeches -- SURFIN' THE SOIL -- ROYGBIV (ind., 2009)
James O-L & The Villains -- TRAIN WRECK OF THINKING -- Alive At The Colch! (ind., 2010)

Thanks for listening!

This week's representative from New Zealand, one of the best places for music in the world, is The Chills, from Dunedin on the South Island.
How come everybody from NZ sings so good, huh?
Oh, Martin Phillipps... oh oh oh...

I've heard Black Preppies by Contradance half a zillion times by now, but while it played today, I still laughed and laughed through most of it.
The new wave triumph of Ken Montague...

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