Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2011.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

The Unsettlers -- THE TRIZZLE -- Blood (2010, The Unsettlers)
Bureaucrats -- SHE'S AN AMERICAN -- Only In Canada, Eh? 1977-81 (2008, www.punkrockhistorycanada.ca) [orig. 1979]

Jaga Jazzist -- TOCCATA (Grasscut Remix) -- Ninja Tune XX, Volume 2 (2010, Ninja Tune)
Stranger & Patsy -- DOWN BY THE TRAINLINE -- Old Hits Of The Past (196?, High Note) [orig. 196?, Sonia Pottinger]
More Or Les -- ENVY -- Brunch With A Vengeance (2010, Fuzzy Logic)
The Vaselines -- POISON PEN -- Sex With An X (2010, SubPop)
Butterflies & Zebras -- INTEGRATE -- Butterflies & Zebras (2010, Butterflies & Zebras)

Creation Rebel -- SPACE MOVEMENT SECTION 7 -- Historic Moments, Volume 2 (1995, On-U Sound) [orig. sound recording 1978, mixing 1980, released as Starship Africa]
Nataila Mallo -- CORACAO EM PO -- The New Brazilian Music, Volume 1 (2010, BM&A)
ASK -- DON'T HAVE A GUN -- From The Tank: 17 Unreleased Tracks From The Windsor Music Collective (2010, Sharktank)
Professor Longhair -- JAMBALAYA -- House of The Blues (2010 digital release)
Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk -- IN A WOODED GLEN AT DUSK -- Stories From Home (2010, Lauren Mann)

The Shangri-Las -- I'M BLUE -- Myrmidons Of Melodrama (2002, Cherry Red) [orig. 1965]
Type Monkey Type -- FULL-ON NEON -- Jungle Noise (2010, Type Monkey Type)
Chuck Barrister & The Voices Of Darkness -- BE KIND, BE FOOLISH, BE HAPPY -- The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedia In 1970s Nigeria (2010, Soundway)
Burial + Four Tet -- MOTH -- DJ-Kicks: Apparat (2010, !K7)
The Frogmen -- UNDERWATER -- Surfin' Instrumentals: 30 Wet & Wild Tracks (2006, Surf) [orig. 1961, Candix]

Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby -- DUB WITH A DIFFERENCE -- In Dub Conference (1994, Mudies Music) [orig. 1976, Moods]
The Wordburglar -- SCOVA NOTIONS -- Burglaritis (2006, Hand'Solo)
The Diplomats Of Solid Sound -- GET OUT OF THE WAY (SO I CAN GET BACK TO MY LIFE) -- What Goes Around Comes Around (2010, Pravda)

Brian Eno -- BONE JUMP -- Small Craft On A Milk Sea (2010, Warp)

Thanks for listening!
The greatest song ever played on The Snark came from this record.


  1. Good to listen to the Snark again!

    That Creation Rebel was great (I'll go back to it in its entirety later), but I REALLY loved the Harry Mudie thang.

    ...And why isn't the Wordburglar huge!!! Highest common denominator

    ....And thanks for the Jazz Jassist mix. The original is taken from one of my fave albums of 2010 (you'll hear more about that list in the coming weeks btw). For a great live vid of them doing a version of this song in a church back in Norway, check out:


    How about the guy under the organist, playing the bassline on the foot pedals???

  2. Hey Mary,

    Thanks for the DVD of the video from my band playing at FM last week. It turned out better than I expected!


  3. REALLY enjoyed the JAGA JAZZIST video! Very charming.

    Yes, I'm patiently waiting for your BEST OF 2010 list.

    And I'm glad you agree about the Wordburglar and Creation Rebel. Phew! The Harry Mudie/King Tubby track I played last week is my #1 pick from that album. A tiny distinction, since the whole thing is perfection.

    Special thanks to you, PW, for listening so actively.

  4. Hey Dave!

    re: video of THE HYPNOTICS...

    So would you mind if I posted to YouTube?

  5. I thought you already did post it! So yes go ahead.