Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fit The Third: PLAYLIST FOR MAR.9/10

The Snark playlist for Tuesday, MARCH 9th, 2010 (Artist/SONG/Album)

Root 70 -- FIVE STAR GROUP TRAVEL -- Heaps Dub
The Mountain Goats -- THE ANGLO-SAXONS -- Ghana
The Black Seeds -- SLINGSHOT -- Solid Ground
Crumpled Holiday -- CRUMPLED HOLIDAY -- Crumpled Holiday
Ian King -- DEATH & THE LADY -- Panic Grass & Fever Few
Theory Of Everything -- INFINITE IMPROBABILITY -- Schizophrenic Symphony
Swell Maps -- READ ABOUT SEYMOUR -- 1 2 3 4: Punk & New Wave 1976-79
Johnny West -- NEVER BRING LINED PAPER TO A KNIFE FIGHT -- The Chicken Angel Woman With A Triangle
Hector Rivera -- DO IT TO ME -- At The Party With Hector Rivera
Luxury Christ -- CONSTANT FEAR OF BEING SHOT IN THE THROAT -- Problematic For The People
Salmonella Dub -- LOVE YOUR WAYS -- Inside The Dub Plates
Dave Howard Singers -- ROAD WARRIOR
Wild Man Fischer -- THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF NARCOTICS -- An Evening With Wild Man Fischer
Aaron Neville -- HERCULES -- New Orleans Funk
African Head Charge -- FRUIT MARKET -- Drastic Season
Television Personalities -- PART TIME PUNKS -- Wanna Buy A Bridge?: A Rough Trade Compilation Of Singles 1977-80
Jack Scott -- LEROY -- Jack Scott's Greatest Hits
Lee "Scratch" Perry (feat. Roots Manuva) -- INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTER -- The Mighty Upsetter
The Dishrags -- I DON'T LOVE YOU -- A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock, 1977-89
The Bureau -- THE FIRST ONE -- The Bureau
The Residents -- THE BOOKER TEASE -- Dub Stab/Buster & Glen
Deadbeat -- VAMPIRE (DUB) -- Vampire EP

Thanks for listening!

Any discrepancies between this list and what you may hear on an archived show is entirely accidental.

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