Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fit The Sixth: PLAYLIST FOR MAR.30/10

The Snark playlist for Tuesday, MARCH 30th, 2010 (Artist/SONG/Album)

Chaka Khan -- SOME LOVE -- Chaka
The Black Seeds -- TAKE YOUR CHANCES -- Solid Ground

Ian King -- HOW SHOULD I YOUR TRUE LOVE KNOW? -- Panic Grass & Fever Few
Big Sugar -- 100 CIGARETTES -- Heated
Mad Professor & Lee Perry -- I'M NOT A HUMAN BEING -- Super Ape Inna Jungle
The Haunted -- HORROR SHOW -- The Haunted
Birth Of Sharon -- FILM TITLES -- Fishfood vs. Birth Of Sharon

k.d. lang -- SMOKE RINGS -- Drag
London Underground -- GREAT EXPECTATIONS -- Compilation 1980-84
The UnSettlers -- HE'S OUT OF NAILS -- The UnSettlers
Two Dollar Bill -- NEWFIE BULLET
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys -- BLACK RIDER -- Legends Of Country Music

The Schomberg Fair -- DRUNKARD'S PRAYER -- Gospel
The Locusts Have No King -- ON MY WAY -- Come One, Come All EP
Minutemen -- LOVE DANCE -- Double Nickels On The Dime
U-J3RK5 -- NAUM GABO -- Vancouver Compilation

RiRa -- 25 O'CLOCK -- Chainstore Massacre

Thanks for listening!

Any discrepancies between this list and what you may hear on an archived show is entirely accidental.

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