Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fit The Second: PLAYLIST FOR MAR.3/10

The Snark playlist for Tuesday, MARCH 2nd, 2010 (Artist/SONG/Album)

Holy Fuck -- FRENCHY'S -- Holy Fuck
Nick Lowe -- I LOVE THE SOUND OF BREAKING GLASS -- Quiet Please... The New Best Of Nick Lowe
Flesh Columns -- BAN NESTLE PRODUCTS -- Schweigew Vor Dem Sturm
Toots & The Maytals (feat. Keith Richards) -- CARELESS ETHIOPIANS -- True Love
Hank Williams -- I'M A LONG GONE DADDY -- The Honky Tonk Hero
The Spys -- WELCOME TO THE CRUEL WORLD -- Original Punkrock From Canada 1977-80 (+1995)
The Equals -- BABY COME BACK -- Viva Equals!: The Very Best Of The Equals
Snakefinger -- NATURAL BALL -- Snakefinger's History Of The Blues
Snakefinger -- THE VULTURES OF BOMBAY -- Chewing Hides The Sound
Citywide Vacuum -- CIRCLOPS -- Pact
Machine Gun Hogg & Co. -- BED BOUND SAGA -- Wild Paarty Sounds (sic)
Mary Jane Hooper -- I'VE GOT REASONS -- New Orleans Funk
A.S.K. -- AS IT WAS -- Another Saturday Knight
Joe Higgs -- SHE WAS THE ONE -- Life Of Contradiction
The Pop Group -- KISS THE BOOK -- We Are Time
Ian King -- FOUR LOOM WEAVER -- Panic Grass & Fever Few
Village Callers -- HECTOR -- Let's Boogaloo! Volume 1
Teenage Head -- PICTURE MY FACE -- Teenage Head
Professor Longhair -- BIG CHIEF -- New Orleans Funk
The Small Faces -- TALK TO YOU -- Small Faces
The UnSettlers -- NO NO NO YES -- The UnSettlers
Alice Russell -- Got The Hunger? (Llorca's remix) -- Pot Of Gold Remixes, Volume 2
Ella Fitzgerald (with Chick Webb) -- WHEN I GET LOW I GET HIGH
Spizzenergi -- WHERE'S CAPTAIN KIRK? -- 1 2 3 4: Punk & New Wave 1976-79
Big Daddy A & The Merves -- WHERE'S CHEWY? -- We Stole Your Wallet
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System -- ERGMM -- Horsie

Thanks for listening!

Any discrepancies between this list and what you may hear on an archived show is entirely accidental.

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