Saturday, April 21, 2012


Wiley's Evolve Or Become Extinct, 2012, Big Dada Records
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Battles, feat. Gary Numan -- MY MACHINES [PATRICK MAHONEY & DENNIS MCNANY REMIX] -- Dross Glop (2012, Warp)
Charlie Binger & His Calypsonians -- TALKING PARROT -- Boogu Yagga Gal: Jamaican Mento (2002, Heritage Music)
The Wordburglar, feat. Selfhelp & Thesis Sahib -- FUN IS NUMBER ONE (EAT A PARROT) -- Burglaritis (2006, Hand'Solo)
That Petrol Emotion -- HEY VENUS -- Chemicrazy (1990, Virgin)
Minotaurs -- PINK FLOYD [I AM ROBOT & PROUD REMIX] -- Fink Ployd: The Thing Remixed (2011, Minotaurs)
Rah Rah -- BREAKING HEARTS -- Breaking Hearts (2010, Young Soul)
Peaking Lights -- BIRDS OF PARADISE (DUB VERSION) -- 936 (2011, Not Not Fun)
Cedric Im Brooks -- SILENT FORCE -- Jamaica Funk: Original Jamaican Funk & Soul 45s (2007, Soul Jazz)
Wiley -- HIGHS & LOWS -- Evolve Or Be Extinct (2012, Big Dada)
Mark Stewart -- AUTONOMIA -- The Politics Of Envy (2012, Future Noise)
The Black Seeds -- FROSTBITE -- Dust & Dirt (2012, Easy Star)
Learning -- THERE IS A LIMIT -- Live In A Living Room (2012, We Are Learning)
Lonesome Lefty -- NIGHT OWL -- Souvenir Album, Volume 2 (2010, Lonesome Lefty)
Ghostpoet -- GARDEN PATH -- Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam (2011, Brownswood)
Phoenecia -- TWO-PART INVENTION FOR BODRAN & COMPUTER -- Demissions (2011, DETUND)

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Link to show.

When putting together this show, I didn't know that Wordburglar's song was subtitled "Eat A Parrot". It belongs next to "Talking Parrot" because of the way they sounded together. I didn't make the lyrical connection until I was sitting in the on-air studio looking at CJAM's copy of Burglaritis. Those  unplanned connections are one of the fun things about mixing music together. Etc.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Are Chips & Porridge Really That Popular?"

You won't find better Canadian post-punk than Rent Boys Inc.
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Peaking Lights -- MARSHMELLOW YELLOW -- 936 (2011, Not Not Fun Records)
Roxy Music -- AVALON (LINDSTRØM & PRINS THOMAS VERSION) -- Love Is The Drug [single, Todd Terje Disco Dub] (2012, The Vinyl Factory)
Wire -- A FLAT TENT -- Red Barked Tree (2011, Pink Flag)
Aniceto Molina y su Conjunto -- CUMBIA CANDELA -- The Original Sound of Cumbia: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph, 1948-79 (2012, Soundway)
New Age Steppers -- IZALIZE -- The New Age Steppers (1980, ON-U Sound)
Mark Stewart -- VANITY KILLS -- The Politics Of Envy (2012, Future Noise)
BFA -- POOR BOY -- Poor Boy E.P. (1980?, BFA)
Jah Wobble & Julie Campbell -- FEEL -- Psychic Life (2011, Cherry Red)
Rent Boys Inc. -- PICTISH -- Pictish, 7" single (1982, Rent Boys Music)
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong -- THE FRIM FRAM SAUCE -- Ella: The Legendary Decca Recordings (1995, GRP) [orig. 1946, Decca]
Lambchop -- THE GOOD LIFE (IS WASTED) -- Mr. M (2012, Merge Records)
The Touré-Raichel Collective -- AZAWADE -- The Tel Aviv Session (2012, Cumbancha)
Rufus Wainwright -- ALONE TOGETHER -- Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall (2007, Geffen)
That Petrol Emotion -- CATCH A FIRE -- Fireproof (1993, Koogat Records)
Minutemen -- I SHOOK HANDS -- The Politics Of Time (1984, New Alliance)
Teen Burger -- POP N CHIPS REMIX -- Burger Time (2011, Droppin Science)
Big Daddy A & The Merves -- CHIPS & PORRIDGE -- We Stole Your Wallet (1997, 1984 Records)
The Wordburglar -- CREAM OF WHEAT -- Burglaritis (2006, Hand'solo Records)
Les Cavemen -- EST-CE UN GARÇON...OU EST-CE UNE FILLE? -- 7"single (1965, ConTact Disques)
Disappears -- HALO -- Guider (2011, Kranky)

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You can download or just listen by clicking this.

Thanks to Pat for the loan of this vinyl.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"I Don't Fit That Kind Of Holed-Pigeonary..."

"Kevin says we're all individuals now..."
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Mouse On Mars -- WIENUSS -- Parastrophics (2012, Monkeytown)
Lord Jellicoe -- BIG BAMBOO -- Dip & Fall Back: Classic Jamaican Mento (2006, Trojan)
Wiley -- YA WIN SOME, YA LOSE SOME -- Evolve Or Become Extinct (2012, Big Dada)
That Petrol Emotion -- BLUE TO BLACK -- Chemicrazy (1990, Virgin)
Citywide Vacuum -- CIRCLOPS -- Pact (2007, Eleven37Music)
These New Puritans -- £4 -- Beat Pyramid (2007, Angular/Domino)
Dexys -- NOWHERE IS HOME -- From SoundCloud (2012)
Prince Far I -- Quanté Jubila -- Dub Xperience: The Dread Operators (1996, On-U Sound)
Tania Maria -- TRANSAMAZONICA -- Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 4: Light My Fire (Universal Jazz, Germany)
The Spooky But Nice -- THE EMBASSY -- The Spooky But Nice (2012, TSpookyBNice)
Phoenecia -- AUNT ALICE -- Demissions (2011, DETUND)
Rent Boys Inc. -- INSECTS -- Squeal For Joy E.P. (1983, Rent Boys Inc.)
Banda Bajera de San Pelayo -- DESCARGA EN CUMBIA -- The Original Sound of Cumbia: The History of Columbian Cumbia & Purro As Told By Phonograph, 1948-79 (2012, Soundway)
Big Daddy A & The Merves -- THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT HERE -- We Stole Your Wallet (1997, 1984 Records)
Ghostpoet -- GAAASP -- Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam (2011, Brownswood)
Diodes -- JENNY'S IN A SLEEP WORLD -- Released (1979, Bongo Beat Records)
The Black Seeds -- CRACKS IN OUR CROWN -- Dust & Dirt (2012, Easy Star)
The Bureau -- ONLY FOR SHEEP -- The Bureau (1981, WEA)
Learning -- UNTITLED (BIRDS) -- Live In A Living Room (2012, We Are Learning)

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Here's the link if you're interested in hearing this great music courtesy of CJAM Radio.

I dedicated the last song of the show to the birds below. So cool:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow"

The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Martin Basic -- VIBES (?) -- Music (1983 cassette)
Keith LeBlanc -- OBJECT-SUBJECT -- Major Malfunction (1986, World Records)
Alfredo Gutierrez Y Sus Estrellas -- LA BANDA BORRACHA -- The Rough Guide To Cumbia ()
Wiley -- WEIRDO -- Evolve Or Be Extinct (2012, Big Dada)
That Petrol Emotion -- HEAD STAGGERED -- Chemicrazy (1990, Virgin)
The Black Seeds -- WIDE OPEN -- Dirt & Dust (2012, Easy Star)
The Spooky But Nice -- FIGHT IN THE AIR -- The Spooky But Nice (2012, TSpookyBNice)
Cousins -- SECRET WEAPON -- The Palm At The End Of The Mind (2012, Saved By Vinyl)
Alkaline -- TIEF DA BIKE -- ExtraLongLife (2000, Universal)
Tinariwen -- TOUMAST -- Aman Iman: Water Is Life (2007, Outside Music)
Imaginary Cities -- CALM BEFORE THE STORM -- Temporary Resident (2011, Hidden Pony Records)
Minotaurs -- GET DOWN (THE STRAGGLER'S MIX) -- Fink Ployd: The Thing Remixed (2011, The Minotaurs)
Funkadelic -- FUNKY DOLLAR BILL -- Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow (1970, Westbound)
Ghostpoet -- US AGAINST WHATEVER EVER -- Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam (2011, Brownswood)
The Falcons -- SOMBRERO DEL DIABLO -- EP Collection (2012, Falcon Beach)
Snakefinger -- JESUS WAS A LEPRECHAUN -- Chewing Hides The Sound (1979, Ralph Records)
Balkan Beat Box -- NO MAN'S LAND -- Give (2012, Nat Geo)
Rod Stewart & PP Arnold -- COME HOME BABY -- Mod Club Party (2005, Mojo Magazine) [orig. 1967]
Learning -- THERE IS A LIMIT -- Live In A Living Room (2012, Learning)

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The link to the show is here, your instant connection to the CJAM archive.
(The link is live for about 4-6 weeks from the original broadcast date.)

For a while back in the 80s, I used to start the 10pm-2am Saturday night show on CJAM with the same song I played first today: from Martin Basic's Music... the song might be called "Vibes". My excellent co-host back then was Marcia Gragg. What fun we had!  Four hours of vinyl mixing and talking crazy about music every Saturday. Nutty!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Your Kind Of Style Ain't Viable..."

The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

The Black Seeds -- LOOSE CARTILAGE -- Dust & Dirt (2012, Easy Star)
Beaten By Them -- VANISHING POINT -- Invisible Origins (2011, Logicpole)
Lykke Li -- I FOLLOW RIVERS -- Wounded Rhymes (2011, Atlantic)
Big Daddy A & The Merves -- WILL THERE EVER BE A RAINBOW -- We Stole Your Wallet (1997, 1984 Records)
Fat Freddy's Drop -- SHIVERMAN -- Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW (2010, The Drop)
Algernon Blackwood Sabbath -- ANUBIS GLINT -- Forest Hall (2011, Algernon Blackwood Sabbath)
The Wooden Sky -- THE NIGHT GOES ON & ON -- Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun (2012, BBR)
Wiley -- EVOLVE OR BE EXTINCT -- Evolve Or Be Extinct (2012, Big Dada)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas -- ROTHAUS -- II (2009, Eskimo)
The Books -- A COLD FREEZIN' NIGHT -- The Way Out (2010, Temporary Residence)
African Head Charge -- MYSTERIOUS HAPPENINGS -- Voodoo Of The Godsent (2011, On-U Sound)
King Midas Sound, feat. Green Gartside -- COME & BEHOLD (GREEN GARTSIDE REVOICE) -- Without You (2011, Hyperdub)
Casiokids -- DRESINEN -- Aabenbaringen over aaskammen (2011, Polyvinyl)
Wild Domestic -- GUSTY WINDS MAY EXIST -- Wild Domestic (2011, Out of Sound)

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All 2011 tracks were Pat's picks from past Snark shows.  Coming soon: Pat's own picks from 2011.
(Pat Petro was CJAM-fm's 1st music director!)
(Question: Where's Rick's picks for 2011?)
(Will there ever be a rainbow?)

Download this show... from the CJAM archive, which cuts off the beautiful beginning of the new Black Seeds song -- a sweet jangle-y guitar intro.
Oh yeah, the CJAM link is live for a limited amount of time, maybe 4-6 weeks from the original broadcast date.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"We Got Golden Voices, And Hearts Of Steel!"

Does anybody believe that Sylvia Robinson had a hand in writing this song?
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Funky 4 +1 -- THAT'S THE JOINT -- The Sugar Hill Records Story (1997, Rhino/Wea) [orig. 1980]
The Funk Ark -- RINCONCITO -- High Noon (2012, ESL Music)
Kae Sun -- WEH WEH -- Outside The Barcode (2011, URBNET)
The Grass Hoppers -- TWIN BEAT -- Lux & Ivy's Favourites, Volume 10 [1966, Sunburst label]
Diodes -- TIRED OF WAKING UP TIRED -- Released (1979, Epic)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill -- TRAIN IN VAIN -- The CLASHification of Dub (2011, Echo Beach)
Mighty Popo -- GAKONDO -- Gakondo (2011, Borealis)
Balkan Beat Box -- PART OF THE GLORY -- Give (2012, Nat Geo)
Count Alert with Lyn Taitt & The Baba Band -- IN THE PARK -- Trojan Calypso Box Set (2002, Trojan)
Johnny Cash -- I NEVER PICKED COTTON -- American II: Unchained (1996, Warner)
TriBeCaStan -- (ONE DAY) HIS AXE FELL INTO HONEY-- New Deli (2012, Evergreene Music)
Drew Smith -- BOX ME UP -- The Secret Languages (2012, Drew Smith)
Ian King -- OLD MINER -- Panic Grass & Fever Few (2010, Fledg'ling)
Ratandep Hemraj -- BIRHA KI MAARI KOI -- Bollywood Bloodbath: The B-Music of the Indian Horror Film Industry (2011, Finders Keepers)
Jacques Dutronc -- L'AUGMENTATION -- Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi (1966, Vogue)
Martin Basic -- (SOMETHING'S GONE WRONG WITH MY) PERCEPTION OF TIME -- Music (1983, Martin Basic)
Leonard Cohen -- LULLABY -- Old Ideas (2012, Columbia)
Phoenecia -- NOSTRUM REMEDIUM -- Demissions (2011, DETUND)

Thanks for listening!

Here's the direct link to the CJAM archive of this show.
(The link is live for about 4 or 5 or 6 weeks.)
Due to a technical glitch on the CJAM website, the clock was nearly 4 full minutes off and the show starts halfway through the old school epic That's The Joint by Funky 4 + 1, which is a real shame.  That song builds beautifully, with great lyrics. At least the bass pyrotechnics are on full and glorious display at the end of the song for the "Winter of Wimbish," which is winding down, unfortunately. Spring is right around the corner. The drift of time on the website has been fixed for subsequent shows.

Oh, you can now subscribe to The Snark as an iTunes podcast, which is highly convenient because the show just automatically downloads directly into your computer every week via your iTunes account (available to anyone with an e-mail address). Of course, if that means you never visit this lowly blog ever again, it'll be a dark day on the old blogspot. Come back, dear listener! For the accurate publishing information alone! You know I'm always wrong, or forgetful, when I'm live in the studio - that's one of the functions of the blog!

Thanks to Pat for the Martin Basic Music, converted from cassette tape by someone at some point in time! Who? When? I don't know! Great to hear once again the CJAM chart-topper from 1983 -- on CJAM!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Ain't Nobody Just Like This, I Gotta Be Me, Hit Or Miss..."

 International Women's Day Special on The Snark!
(Lucille Spann's name may be misspelled on this record label.)
What a song!
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Cookie Crew, feat. MC Remedee & Susie Q -- COME ON & GET SOME -- Born This Way! (1989, Rhythm King)
Ari Up -- ME DONE -- Dread More Dan Dead (2005, Collision)
Gillian Boucher -- REEL HOT -- Atlantic Standards: Kitchen Party (2010, Rhino)
Nahid Aktar -- O MY LOVE -- Life Is Dance!: The Plugged-In Sounds of Wonder At The Pakistani Picture Show (2011, Finders Keepers)
Lucille Spann -- WOMEN'S LIB -- Light: On The South Side (2009, Numero) [orig. 1972?, Lorrid]
k.d. lang -- LOVE FOR SALE -- Recollection (2010, Nonesuch)
Odetta -- HIT OR MISS -- Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 4: Light My Fire (1995, Motor/Verve, Germany) [orig.1970, Odetta Sings, Polydor]
Bonjay, feat. Alanna Stuart -- WANT A GANG -- Broughtupsy (2010, Mysteries of Trade)
The Raincoats, feat. Ana da Silva, Gina Birch, & Vicky Aspinall -- OH OH LA LA LA (live) -- Kitchen Tapes (1983, ROIR)
She, feat. Nancy & Sally Ross -- DON'T GO HOME TONIGHT -- Wants A Piece Of You (1999, Big Beat)
Miriam Makeba -- UMHOME -- Miriam Makeba (1960, RCA Victor)
Kathryn Calder -- ARROW -- Are You My Mother? (2010, File Under: Music)
The Third Wave, feat. Georgie, Jammie, Jody, Reggie, & Stevie Ente -- LOVE TRAIN -- Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 9: Never Felt So Free (Universal Jazz, Germany) [orig. 1970, MPS Records, Germany]
Annie -- HELPLESS FOOL FOR LOVE -- Anniemal (2004, 679 Recordings)
Shangri-Las, feat. Mary & Betty Weiss, and Marge & Mary Anne Ganser -- RIGHT NOW & NOT LATER -- The Red Bird Story (1999, Charly UK) [orig. 1965]
DobaCaracol, feat. Doriane Fabreg & Carole Facal -- ÉTRANGE -- Putumayo presents Quebec (2008, Putumayo)
The Ebony Sisters, feat. Nora Dean, Paulette Williams, Gee Williams -- LET ME TELL YOU BOY -- Harry Mudie & Friends: Let Me Tell You Boy, 1970-71 (1988, Trojan) [1971, Moodisc]
Tara Watts -- SEVEN DAYS -- About Love (2009, Tara Watts)
The Detroit Cobras, feat. Rachel Nagy, Mary Ramirez, & Gina Rodriguez -- SHOUT BAMA LAMA -- Life, Love, & Leaving (2001, Rough Trade)
Cœur De Pirate, feat. Béatrice Martin -- LES AMOURS DÉVOUÉES -- Blonde (2011, Grosse Boite)
The Lijadu Sisters, feat. Taiwo & Kahinde -- LIFE'S GONE DOWN LOW -- Danger (2011, Knitting Factory) [orig. 1976, Afrodisia]
Kiran Ahluwalia -- LAKEERAI -- Aam Zameen: Common Ground (2011, Kiran Music)

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To hear "the ladies, the ladies," just click this direct link to the CJAM archives.
Link is live for 4-6 weeks from original broadcast date.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Zungguzungguguzungguzeng! ... Jump Fi Happiness, A Jump Fi Joy!"

Les amis et amies chantent et jouent!
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five -- FREEDOM -- The Sugar Hill Records Story (1999, Rhino/WEA) [orig. 1980]
Wild Domestic -- WHAT ONCE RAN WILD -- Wild Domestic (2011, Out Of Sound)
Patsy & The Count Ossie Band -- PATA PATA ROCK STEADY -- Reggae Songbirds: 17 Great Tracks From The Hi Note Label (1999, Heartbeat)
Balkan Beat Box -- ENEMY IN ECONOMY -- Give (2012, Nat Geo)
Kinetic Ideals -- ANIMALISTIC -- Reason 12" E.P. (1981, Mannequin)
N'dambi -- THE WORLD IS A BEAT -- Soul Sisters: A Black History Month Celebration (2012, Conchord)
Jean Carignan Et Ses Amis -- LES FRAISES ET LES FRAMBOISES / LE FESTIN DE CAMPAGNE / AH! SI MON MOINE VOULAIT DANSER -- Classic Canadian Songs From Smithsonian Folkways (2006, Smithsonian Folkways)
Yellowman -- ZUNGGUZUNGGUGUZUNGGUZENG -- Reggae Box (2001, Hip-O)
Feist -- THE BAD IN EACH OTHER -- Metals (2011, Arts & Crafts)
Phoenecia -- MUSHROOM CLOUD OVER MIAMI -- Demissions (2011, DETUND)
King Cobb Steelie -- THE SITUATION -- Mayday (2000, Outside Music)
Mr. OK, feat. Larose -- YAYA -- Men Mwen (2011, Mr. OK)
Air -- ASTRONOMIC CLUB -- Le Voyage Dans La Lune (2012, Astralwerks)
Jorge Martinez -- AMERICANA -- Cadencias (2011, Cuntrera)
The Big Pink -- FUTURE THIS -- Future This (2011, 4AD)
Harmonia -- WALKY TALKY -- Deluxe (1975, Brain)

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Here's the link from the CJAM archives, if you wanna check out what this list sounds like.
(The link is live for about 4 weeks from the original broadcast date.  Sometimes more...)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Come On Baby, Give Me A Kiss... Stop Writing Everything Down..."

Brand new Balkan Beat Box LP.

The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Balkan Beat Box -- INTRO (TASTE OF WHERE I'M FROM) -- Give (2012, Nat Geo)
Phoenecia -- DOGNESS -- Demissions (2011, DETUND)
Destroy All Monsters -- NOBODY KNOWS -- Bored (1999)
Willie Rosario -- CALYPSO BLUES -- Boogaloo Pow Wow: Dancefloor Rendez-Vous In Young Nuyorica (2006, Honest Jon's Records)
Wiley -- THIS IS JUST AN ALBUM -- Evolve Or Be Extinct (2012, Big Dada)
The Chieftains, feat. Imelda May -- CAROLINA RUA / REEL: THE LADIES PANTALETTES -- Voice of Ages (2012, Hear Music)
Andre Williams -- HOT COFFEE -- Nightclub (2011, Pravda)
Efan -- 1980 -- Electro-Lava (2008, Efan)
LiLiPUT -- WIG-WAM -- LiLiPUT / Kleenex: 1978-83 (Kill Rock Stars)
Jackie Mittoo -- CHAMPION OF THE ARENA -- Champion In The Arena: 1976-77 (2003, Blood & Fire)
God Made Me Funky -- TOO SHY -- Enter The Beat (2008, New Empire)
A Place To Bury Strangers -- DRILL IT UP -- Onwards To The Wall (2012, Dead Oceans)
Aline Morales -- UN CHEIRO QUE ARREPIA -- Flores, Tambores, E Amores (2011, Aline Morales)
Leonard Cohen -- DIFFERENT SIDES -- Old Ideas (2012, Columbia)
Busy Bee -- BUSY BEE'S GROOVE -- The Sugar Hill Records Story (1999, Rhino/WEA) [orig.1985]
Old Man Luedecke & Lake Of Stew -- MONSANTO JONES -- Sing All About It (2011, Noise Trade)
Vinicius Cantuária -- CORRE CAMPO -- Sol Na Cara (1996, Gramavision)
Amerigo Gazaway -- STAKES IS HIGH -- Fela Soul (2011, Gummy Soul)
Big Sugar -- COME A LITTLE CLOSER... NOW COME! -- Revolution Per Minute (2011, Bread & Water)
Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair -- WILTON'S MOOD -- Alpha Boys School: Music In Education 1920-2006 (2006, Sanctuary)

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Click to listen -- straight to the CJAM archive.
(Link is live for about 4-6-8 weeks from original broadcast date.)

Sing along!


Two weeks ago, at the place to be
They were standing in line to see the Busy Bee
I pulled up in the curve in the ‘98
Then I rushed inside so we won’t be late
The party was packed, well, you couldn’t even move
Now everybody’s rocking to the Busy Bee’s groove!
Busy Bee!  Busy Bee!
Everybody clap hands, stomp your feet!
Clap hands, stomp your feet!
Hey y’all! From coast to coast, and from land to land
As the super-fly brother, with the master plan
With the beat that’s unique to sound real sweet
To make you party to the rhythm seven days a week
Yes, it’s true that dreams can come through
If it happened to me it can happen to you
So let’s get up on our feet, let our fingers pop
Because Busy Bee’s just about ready to rock
Ha! Uh!
Now y’all heard the rest and y’all ready to go
With the baddest in hi-fi stereo
So just groove to the rhythm, while you groove to the beat
And you wanna hear this record every day of the week
Because the sound that you hear, so def to your ears
So have no fear, Busy Bee is here!
Uh! Ow!
Busy Bee!
I met a young lady that fainted on the scene
She want she win the lotto, that was always her dream
People gathered around, and ask did she move?
Then she jump back to life to a Busy Bee’s groove
Busy Bee make you dance, scream, and shout
That’s what the Busy Bee is all about
So before I go and before I quit,
I’m gonna gi’ you some more of this Busy Bee hit!
Hey y’all, one day I hit the number and it must be told
Oh I won a million dollars and ten bags of gold
I took a lady shopping as I played the role
Of a rich millionaire twenty-two years old
I called the daily news and then I told the pope
You shoulda heard me on the phone as I began to boast,
Man, they hung up the phone, rushed to the scene
Just to interview me in that same limousine
A six door Cadillac, TV and bar,
A space antennae at the back of the car
I tore the streets all through the night
But to hang with Busy Bee ya got ta be all right
Said winter, spring, after that come fall
Anytime you ready just gimme a call
We’ll talk about the birds and the bees
And the way I check the house for you young ladies
I was raised in the sun, strong as a ox
Slim, trim, fine as the fox
But right about this time, I just want y’all to know
I choose the life that they call the disco
So get up on your feet, let your fingers pop
It’s Busy Bee’s here and I’m ready to rock, oh!
And I rock New York City, all years around
And my name is known all over the town
People here love the way I run my game
They can’t wait to see me make the Hall Of Fame
And Busy Bee is my name and that’s a fact
And you can’t beat that with a stickball bat
Young ladies: rock the house
And to all the fly guys: rock the house
And you dance and you dance and don’t quit
Coz the music’s designed to be a rock hit
Just ooh ah!  
Uh ooh uh ooh ah!  
Ooh ah uh uh!
Said there’s a place where the ranch boys go
To get a little cheeky, to get gus go
But in order to you to come in our spot
Ya gotta own three girls, a mansion and a yacht
And then you come inside and beat the stride
You gotta bet cash money to keep the game alive
You couldn’t stay on your feet from 9 to 5
Because the boys of the ranch don’t take no jive
Uh ah uh uh ah ah!
Uh ah uh uh ah ah!
Uh ah uh uh uh ah ah!
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh!
DJs, radio stations all over the nation
Take this record out ya cover wi’out a hesitation
It’s a gift from me, and the studio in the sky
Put it on the turntables and you’ll a-know why
The B-U-S-Y the B-E-E’s
The man rocks the house, most definitely
And he floats like a butterfly, sting like a bee
He’s not the latest, he’s the greatest
And they call him Busy Bee!
You don’t care if I’m the one
Because all you wanna do is have some fun
So put your hand on your hip, I’ll make your backbone slip
Put the pedal to the metal, feet with the beat
And get down, stop that messin’ around
Coz Chief Rocker-Biz-Bee is in your town
Clap your hands, do the freak dance
Become a victim of circumstance
Because everybody rocks when Busy Bee is down
Come alive y’all, come on!
Busy Bee, Busy Bee Busy Bee Busy Bee Busy Bee
That’s right, I’m takin’ them all out, all bums
All MCs that are bums, I’m taking them all out
I’ll straighten them out
You got a problem MC? You?
I’ll straighten them out
Doctor?  You got a problem?
I’ll straighten them out
I’ll straighten them all out
Busy Bee!
Busy Bee! 

lyric by Busy Bee Starski, 1985.
(a.k.a  Chief Rocker Busy Bee, a.k.a. David Parker)
It should be safe to say that the musicians were Doug Wimbish, Skip McDonald, and Keith LeBlanc, but there may have been others, and various combinations, etc.
More research is always necessary!  I'll keep digging.
(These lyrics were transcribed by me, so if you spot any errors or have a better interpretation, please leave a comment so I can correct the mistakes. Thanks!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Take Out All Your Books, Write Down Every LIne, Pull Out Every Phrase..."

Smuktonovsky as Hamlet, Vertinkskaya as Ophelia,
soundtrack by Shostakovich, directed by Kozintsev, 1964.
Listening to Shostakovich's "Duel & Death of Hamlet" (Opus 116), you can decide for yourself at what point in the music Laertes strikes Hamlet (unnecessarily, cheater-style) with the poisoned sword tip.  I heard it.
Or I think I did.
Check if you're right by watching the movie. (Couldn't find the duel for you.)
Poor Hamlet...

The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Phoenecia -- GESUNDHEIT -- Demissions (2011, Schematic/detund)
Wiley -- BOOM BLAST -- Evolve Or Be Extinct (2012, Big Dada)
A Place To Bury Strangers -- ONWARDS TO THE WALL -- Onwards To The Wall (2012, Dead Oceans)
Leonard Cohen -- BANJO -- Old Ideas (2012, Columbia)
Positive Force -- PEOPLE GET ON UP -- The Sugar Hill Records Story (1999, Rhino/WEA) [orig. 1980, Sugar Hill]
The Raincoats -- BALOONACY -- Kitchen Tapes (1998, ROIR) [originally a 1983 cassette-only release (!) on ROIR]
Mad Professor & Scientist -- HUNGARIAN GHOULASH -- Method To The Madness (2005, Trojan)
Cœur De Pirate -- PLACE DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE -- Blonde (2011, Grosse Boite)
José Serebrier & the Belgian Radio Symphony Orchestra -- SUITE FROM HAMLET, OPUS 116: THE DUEL & DEATH OF HAMLET -- Shostakovich: Film Music From 'Hamlet,' 'King Lear,' & 'Five Days & Five Nights' (2011, Warner Classics)
Adaline -- THAT'S WHAT YOU DO BEST -- Modern Romantics (2011, Light Organ)
The Bobby Peterson Quintet -- IRRESISTIBLE YOU -- 7"single (1960, V-Tone)
Casiokids -- DRESINEN -- Aabenbaringen over aaskammen (2011, Polyvinyl)
Big James & The Chicago Playboys -- COLDEST MAN I EVER KNEW -- The Big Payback (2012, Blind Pig)
Bisko -- POP COMA -- Ricochet (2011, Dep)
The Chieftains, feat. The Civil Wars -- LILY LOVE -- Voice Of Ages (2012, Hear Music)
The Ronald Reagan Story -- JUST ANOTHER WARNING -- Is This Love Or Is This War? The Frank Carlone Story (1983, RRS)
Old Man Luedecke & Lake Of Stew -- TOO MUCH TOO LATE -- Sing All About It (2011, Noise Trade)
Amerigo Gazaway -- ITSOWEEZEE -- Fela Soul (2011, Gummy Soul)

Thanks for listening!

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Correction: Today I mixed up Ghana with Guyana.  
Mad Professor is from Guyana, which is in South America. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I Won't Stop Trying To Create A Disturbance In Your Mind!"

Thank you, Jesse Hill, for creating a disturbance in my mind.
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Spoonie Gee vs. The Sequence -- MONSTER JAM -- The Sugar Hill Records Story (1999, Rhino/WEA) [orig. 1980, Sugar Hill]
Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots -- COW COW BOOGIE -- The Legendary Decca Recordings (1995, Verve) [orig. 1944, Decca]
Birth Of Sharon -- VOLITION -- Andy Fairly: Fishfood vs. Birth Of Sharon (1981, Bristol Archive Records)
The Painted Ship -- SHE SAID YES -- 7"single (1966, London)
New Age Steppers -- CONQUER -- Love Forever (2012, ON-U Sound)
The Undertones -- HYPNOTISED -- Hypnotised (1980, Rykodisc)
Cœur De Pirate -- ADIEU -- Blonde (2011, Grosse Boite)
Cowlick -- HEY CAR -- Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton 6 (2011, C+C Music)
Gasper Lawal -- KAI ANIBABA -- Abio'sunni (1985, Hot Records)
Theory Of Everything -- WHAT YOU THOUGHT -- Schizophrenic Symphony (?)
Old Man Luedecke & Lake Of Stew -- TAP WATER -- Sing All About It (2011, Noise Trade)
Jesse Hill -- OOH POO PAH DOO, PT. 1 -- 7"single (1960, Minit)
100 Mile House -- BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE -- Hollow Ponds (2011, 100 Mile House)
Lotus -- GOLDEN GHOST -- Lotus (2011, Sci Fidelity Records)
Graydon James & The Young Novelists -- WE NEVER GET THE HEART WE WANT -- Live At Dublin Street Church (2011, Young Novelists)
Desmond Dekker & The Aces -- FU MAN CHU -- Trojan Reggae Brothers Box Set (2003, Trojan) [orig. 1968, Beverly]
Transkapela -- OLD-TIME SIRBA -- Klezmer Carpathian Music (2007, Arc Music)
Minotaurs -- LAZY EYE -- The Thing (2010, Static Clang)
Sonar Kollectiv Orchester -- MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS -- Guaranteed Niceness (2008, Sonar Kollectiv Records)

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Finally got around to reading the Doug Wimbish interview that Pinwheel Herman has been urging me to look at for quite a while now. Mr. Herman even posted a link to this DW interview in the Snark blog comments recently. (It's in "I Got A Twenty-Bar Poem In A Battle Rap..." from Dec.27/11.)
I enjoyed Doug Wimbish talking about his Sugar Hill days so much that I want to do a new weekly special highlighting Sugar Hill songs he played his monster bass on. (The Winter of Wimbish?) Let's get funky!
Photo of Doug Wimbish by Tasic Dragan.

"'Tis The Voice of The Jubjub!"

Yes, Willie C. Echols is The Moon Man!
Thanks to Mike Hillis, who hipped me to this disc.
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Cyclist -- POCKET MONEY -- Double Dip (2010, Dublum)
Cœur De Pirate -- DANSE ET DANSE -- Blonde (2011, Grosse Boite)
Dubmatix -- WHATCHYA GONNA DO (WEBCAM HI-FI DO DEM REMIX) -- Clash of The Titans: System Shakedown Remixes (2011, Renegade)
Charlotte Gainsbourgh -- PARADISCO -- Stage Whisper (Because Music)
Graydon James & The Young Novelists -- OLDER BROS. NEVER LISTEN -- Live At Dublin Street Church (2011, Young Novelists)
Emile Vacher -- SPORTING JAVA -- Café de Paris 1930-41: 24 Accordion Classics From The Boulevards of Paris (1999, Music Club)
Dungen -- SATT ATT SE -- 4 (2008, Kemado)
The Moon Man (Willie C. Echols) -- THE MOON MAN IS BACK -- 7" single (1964, Good Sounds)
Old Man Luedecke & Lake Of Stew -- PHONE IS TAPPED (AND I DON'T CARE) -- Sing All About It (2011, Noise Trade)
Dave & Ansil Collins -- THE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR -- Dave & Ansil Collins in Toronto (1974, G-Clef)
Roll The Dice -- CAUSE & EFFECT -- In Dust (2011, Leaf)
New Age Steppers -- THE FURY OF ARI -- Love Forever (2012, ON-U Sound)
The Round Robin Monopoly -- LIFE IS FUNKY -- Acid Jazz, Volume 3 (1991, BGP Records UK)
The Skeletones Four -- TRAP DOOR -- Gravestone Rock (2011, Label Fantastic!)
The Locusts Have No King -- ON MY WAY -- Come One, Come All E.P. (2010, The Locusts Have No King)
Jah Wobble, feat. Julie Campbell -- RUINLUST -- Psychic Life (2011, Cherry Red)
Domenico + 2 -- TELEPATA -- Sincerely Hot (2004, Luaka Bop)
Dinner Belles -- COMPROMISE -- West Simcoe County (2011, Dinner Belles)
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou -- LA LA LA LA -- The First Album (2011, Analog Africa) [orig. 1973]

Thanks for listening!

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(Link is live for about 4 to 6 to 8 weeks from original broadcast date.)

Coincidentally, Dave Konstantino, the host and dj of Revolution Rock, played another Willie C. Echols tune on the following Tuesday after I played this one. We agreed that, surely, that is the most radio play the Moon Man has gotten for a very, very, very long time. The Moon Man is back! Right here on CJAM 99.1-fm!
from Moon Man, by Tomi Ungerer, 1966, Harper & Row.

Friday, January 27, 2012

"Mad Props To My Favourite Homonyms..."

Whose shoe?
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Iggy Pop -- DUM DUM BOYS -- The Idiot (1977, RCA)
Lotek HiFi -- PERCOLATOR -- Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada (2007, Big Dada)
Necros -- I.Q. 32 -- I.Q. 32 7" single (1981)
Tippie & The Clovers -- MY HEART SAID (THE BOSSA NOVA) -- The Red Bird Story (1999, Charly UK) [orig. 1962]
Jah Wobble, feat. Julie Campbell -- TIGHTROPE -- Psychic Life (2011, Cherry Red)
Derrick Harriott & Audley Williams Combo -- JOHN TOM -- Dip & Fall Back: Classic Jamaican Mento (2006, Trojan) [orig. 1966, Wire Records]
Sachal Vasandani, feat. Jon Hendricks -- HI-FLY -- Hi-Fly (2011, Mac Avenue Records)
Chuck Berry -- NIGHT BEAT -- Chess Classics (2005, Mojo) [orig.1958]
New Age Steppers -- DEATH OF THE TREES -- Love Forever (2012, ON-U Sound)
Jean-Claude Vannier -- DANS MES RÊVES -- Roses Rouge Sang (2011, Finders Keepers)
Balkan Beat Box -- KABULELECTRO -- Blue Eyed Black Boy (2010, Nat Geo)
Kako -- COOL JERK -- Boogaloo Pow Wow: Dancefloor Rendez-Vouz In Nuyorica (2006, Honest Jons) [orig. 1968]
Hypnotics -- RADIO CITY -- Static Fuzz Radio (2011, New Values)
Wordburglar -- S'UP BURG? -- Burgie's Basement (2009, Urbnet)
Cœur De Pirate -- SAINT-LAURENT -- Blonde (2011, Grosse Boite)
Gene Harris & The Three Sounds -- THE BOOK OF SLIM -- 7" Single (1964?, Bluenote)
Dubmatix, feat. Ammoye -- LOCK DOWN (VIBRONICS BOOM TIME REMIX) -- Clash Of The Titans: System Shakedown Remixes (2011, Collision)
Sunparlour Players -- DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE SPARK -- Us Little Devils (2011, Outside)
Les Majestiks -- LET'S GO '67 -- Les Majestiks (1965)
Dinner Belles -- SOME DAYS -- West Simcoe County (2011, Dinner Belles)
Tafo, feat. Nahid Akhtar, with Medhi Hassan & A. Nayyar -- ZAMBO ZAMBO -- "Life Is Dance!": Plugged-In Sounds Of Wonder At The Pakistani Picture House (2011, Finders Keepers) [orig. 1977]
Death -- POLITICIANS IN MY EYES -- ...For All The World To See (2009, Drag City Records)

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I think that was my hundreth show!

Here's the link (direct to the CJAM archives).
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

"We Had Fun But It's Just Begun..."

A song based on a coffee commercial jingle.
Thanks to Mike Hillis for this fun find.
It features Ernie Freeman - xylophone, Rene Hall - guitar,
Red Callender - bass, and Earl Palmer - drums. 
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Jimmy Castor Bunch -- IT'S JUST BEGUN -- The Everything Man: The Best Of The Jimmy Castor Bunch (1995, Rhino) [orig. 1972, RCA]
Roll The Dice -- MAELSTROM -- In Dust (2011, Leaf)
Wiley -- INFORMATION AGE -- 100% Publishing (2011, Big Dada)
Jean-Claude Vannier -- L'AUTOMNE À BARBÈS ROCHECHOUART -- Electro Rapide (2011, Finders Keepers)
Sunparlour Players -- ONE FOR YOU & ONE FOR ME -- Us Little Devils (2011, Outside)
The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet -- LIKE THE SHORE IS... -- Like The Shore Is To The Ocean (2011, Bongo Beat)
Hypnotics -- TV BLUES -- Static Fuzz Radio (2011, New Values)
Billy Joe & The Checkmates -- PERCOLATOR (TWIST) -- 7" Single (1962, Dore Records)
Porcelain Forehead -- HOW HIGH? -- Right Now! The World Needs A Clear Head (2010, Alternative Tentacles) [orig. 1983, Corpus Callosum Records]
Ian King -- FOUR LOOM WEAVER -- Panic Grass & Fever Few (2010, Fledg'ling)
Maz -- VALSE DE L'APESANTEUR -- Téléscope (2011, Maz)
Tinga Stewart -- THE MESSAGE -- Soul Power: Funky Kingston 2 (2005, Trojan) [orig. 1974, Dragon]
New Age Steppers -- THE WORST OF ME -- Love Forever (2012, ON-U Sound)
Fredy Massamba -- ZONZA -- Putumayo Presents African Beat (2011, Putumayo)
Battles -- AFRICASTLE -- Gloss Drop (2011, Warp)
Adanowsky -- SABER AMAR -- Amador (2011, Ever Loving)
Random Recipe -- I DON'T WANT TO WANT YOU (REMIX) -- Shake It! Bake It! (2011, Bon Sound)
Lonesome Lefty -- BACK TO THE SUGAR CAMP -- Souvenir Album, Vol. 2 (2010, Lonesome Lefty)
The Offs -- YOU FASCINATE ME -- First Record (1984, Alternative Tentacles)
The Schomberg Fair -- I'D RAISE MY HAND -- Mercy E.P. (2011, The Schomberg Fair)
Ilhan Ersahin -- BOSPHORUS -- Istanbul Sessions (2011, Nublu)
Leonard Cohen -- DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE (LIVE) -- Live In Fredericton E.P. (2012) (recorded in 2008, previously unreleased)

Thanks for listening!

The Snark dedicates The Offs song today to everyone who listens to the show and comments on the blog, but especially Rick and Michelle, whom I just had the pleasure of meeting.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"...Like A Knight Bent Down In Some Old-Fashioned Book..."

Played the wrong Leonard Cohen song today,
but it was still so good!
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Dubmatix, feat. Dennis Alcapone -- STRUGGLE (DUBMATIX ROOTS REMIX) -- Clash of The Titans: System Shakedown Remixes (2011, Irie Ites Music)
New Age Steppers -- WOUNDED ANIMAL -- Love Forever (2012, ON-U Sound)
Beck & Seu Jorge -- TROPICÁLIA (MARIO C 2011 REMIX) -- Red Hot + Rio 2 (2011, Eone)
Ken Elkinson -- AVOCADO SKOOL -- 7890 (2011, August Son)
Dinner Belles -- COUNTRY BLUES -- West Simcoe Country (2011, Dinner Belles)
Bălănescu Quartet -- POCKET CALCULATOR -- Possession (1992, Mute)
Secret V's -- WAITING FOR THE DRUGS TO TAKE HOLD -- No Life Like It, 12" E.P. (1981, Useful Records Int'l.)
Cotti -- TAMIL DUB -- Box of Dub 2: Dubstep & Future Dub (2007, Soul Jazz Records)
Dixie Cups -- I'M GONNA GET YOU YET -- The Red Bird Story (1999, Charly UK) [orig. 1965, Red Bird]
Minotaurs -- RUNAWAY LANE -- The Thing (2010, Static Clang)
Leonard Cohen -- BIRD ON THE WIRE (LIVE) -- Live In Fredericton E.P. (2012) [recorded in 2008, previously unreleased]
Maz -- REEL DU COMBAT -- Téléscope (2011, Maz)
Wiley -- 100% PUBLISHING -- 100% Publishing (2011, Big Dada)
Tom Waits -- GET LOST -- Bad As Me (2011, Nonesuch)
Culture Reject -- MUSEUMS -- Culture Reject (2008, White Whale Records)
B.B. Seaton -- I'M A CHANGED MAN -- Trojan Reggae Brothers Box Set: Natty Bongo (2003, Trojan) [orig.1974, Wildflower]
Jazzsteppa -- NAKED LUNCH -- Hyper Nomads (2011, Studio Rockers)
Ri Ra -- 25 O'CLOCK -- Chainstore Massacre (2008, ON-U Sound)
Tonistics -- HOLDING ON -- Soul Messages From Dimona (2008, Numero Group) [orig. 1977, Kingdom Productions]
Vinicius Cantuária & Bill Frisell -- MI DECLARACION -- Lágrimas Mexicanas (2011, Eone)

Thanks for listening!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Let Us Go & Have A Few & Wait Until Low Tide..."

Wardell Gray grew up in Detroit.
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra -- RAT RACE -- World's Funkiest Covers (2011, Cultures of Soul) [orig. 2010, Exactamundo]
Ilhan Ersahin -- BLACK SEA -- Istanbul Sessions (2011, Nublu Records)
Random Recipe -- SHIPWRECK -- Fold It! Mold It! (2010, Bonsound)
Stan Rogers -- THE WRECK OF THE ATHENS QUEEN -- Fogarty's Cove [reissue] (2011, Borealis) [orig. 1976, Barnswallow]
The Undertones -- IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN -- The Very Best Of The Undertones (1994, Rykodisc) [orig. 1981]
Del Bel -- SLAVE TO THE DEEP -- Oneiric (2011, Out Of Sound)
Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan -- MAINOO OLE BAI KE PEE LAIN DE -- Dub Qawwali (2007, Six Degrees)
Alvin Robinson -- SOMETHIN' YOU GOT -- The Red Bird Story (1999, Charly UK) [orig. 1964, Tiger]
Jono McCleery -- HOME -- There Is (2011, Counter)
Big Daddy A & The Merves -- CHIPS & PORRIDGE -- We Stole Your Wallet (1998, 1984 Records)
Playdough, feat. Freddie Bruno) -- SO WHAT -- Hotdoggin' (2011, Playdough)
Domenico + 2 -- TEMA DA ZORRA -- Sincerely Hot (2004, Luaka Bop)
Ammoye & Rise Ashen -- TRY -- Haffi Win (2010, Balanced Records)
Vieux Farka Touré -- ANA -- Vieux Farka Touré (2007, World Village)
Count Basie & His Septet -- SONG OF THE ISLANDS -- The Wardell Gray Story, Volume 3: Twisted (2003, Proper)
Roots Manuva -- BEYOND THIS WORLD -- 4everevolution (2011, Big Dada)
The Hypnotics -- HOLIDAY IN THE CITY -- Static Fuzz City (2011, New Values)
Earth & Stone -- DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU -- Kool Roots (1997, Pressure Sounds) [orig. 1978, Channel One]
John Maus -- HEY MOON -- We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves (2011, Ribbon Music)
Wild Domestic -- UNIVERSALLY KNOWN / ALREADY FORGOTTEN -- Wild Domestic (2011, Out Of Sound)

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