Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"The Bowsprit Got Mixed With The Rudder Sometimes..."

R.I.P. Gregory Isaacs 1951-2010
R.I.P. Ari Up 1962-2010
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2010.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

The Slits -- PING PONG AFFAIR -- Cut, deluxe edition (2009, Island) [orig. 1979]
Gregory Isaacs -- STORM -- Mr. Isaacs, reissue (2001, Blood & Fire) [orig. 1977]

Trevor Malcolm Jazz Trio -- DOPE ROBOT -- From The Tank: 17 Unreleased Tracks From The Windsor Music Collective (2010, Sharktank)
Kathryn Calder -- ARROW -- Are You My Mother? (2010, Mint)
The Books -- I AM WHO I AM -- The Way Out (2010, Temporary Residence)
Habakuk -- MURY -- Polska Rootz: Beats, Dubs, Mixes, & Future Folk from Poland (2009, Eastblock Music)

The Avalanches -- RAY OF ZDARLIGHT (Wham vs. Digitalism) -- ??? (2008)
The Bobbettes -- MR. LEE -- Atlantic Rhythm & Blues, Volume 3, 1955-58 (1985, Atlantic) [orig. 1957]
Random Recipe -- SOMETHING ON MY MIND -- Fold It! Mold It! (2010, Bonsound Records)
The Vaselines -- WHITECHAPEL -- Sex With An X (2010, Subpop)

Hopeton Lewis & The Chosen Few -- BOOM SHAKA LAKA -- Rocksteady Soul: The Original Cool Sound Of Duke Reid's Treasure Isle (2001, Union Square Music) [orig. 1970]
Pinch -- QAWWALI -- Qawwali 12" (2006, Planet Mu)
Raymond Scott -- AT AN ARABIAN HOUSE PARTY -- Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights: The Music Of Raymond Scott (1992, Columbia)
Johnny West -- LOVELY & DIRTY -- My Hellhound Crooked Heart (2010, Tosteestostas)

Y La Bamba -- NOVEMBER -- Lupon (2010, Tender Loving Empire)
Lisandro Meza Y Su Conjunto -- SHACALAO -- Palenque Palenque: Champeta, Criolla, & Afro Roots in Columbia, 1975-91 (2010, Soundway/Select)
Dizzy Reece -- I HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM -- Blues In Trinity (1995, Bluenote)
Canadian Winter -- BACK TO THE BRICKS -- Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton 5 (2010, C+C Music Festival)

Dubmatix -- DEEP DARK DUB -- System Shakedown (2010, 7 Arts Entertainment)

Thanks for listening!

Ugh. Don't believe almost anything I say today. For example: when I said some nonsense into the mic about Michael Jackson, I meant George Michael, so listener beware.

Except when I told you that The Books are at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan tonight. That is actually a true fact.

Also CJAM's Pledge Drive really does start this Friday, October 29th. We're all looking forward to talking up the Jammin' One, hearing from our listeners, and attending CJAM parties! Kickoff Party at FM Lounge this Friday. Also please consider CJAM Movie Night at Phog Lounge on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"The Thing Can Be Done, Said The Butcher..."

Eleven days till the big launch!
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2010.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Nilla -- FULL OF GRACE -- Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton 5 (2010, C+C Music Festival)
Banda Desenhada -- SEM TER AMOR -- The New Brazilian Music, Volume 1 (2010, BM&A)

Random Recipe -- STA' ZITTO -- Fold It! Mold It! (2010, Random Recipe)
Louis Prima -- ROBIN HOOD/OH BABE! -- But Officer! More Original Jamaican Sound System (2005, Stateside) [orig. 1958, Capitol]
UB40 -- BOOM SHAKA LACKA -- Labour Of Love IV (2010, EMI)
The Modern Men -- LIFE AFTER LOVE -- The Sensual Sounds Of... (2010, The Modern Men)

The Pop Group -- TRAP -- We Are Time [on vinyl] (1980, Y Records)
Egyptian Hip Hop -- WILD HUMAN CHILD -- Wild Human Child single (2010, Hit Club)
Betty Wright -- GOOD LOVIN' -- Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label (2006, Numero)
The Anansa Professionals -- ENWAN -- Nigeria Afrobeat Special: The New Explosive Sound in 1970s Nigeria (2010, Soundway)
Jim Byrnes -- BOOTLEGGER'S BLUES -- Everywhere West (2010, Black Hen)

Chin's Calypso Quintet, feat. Alerth Bedasse -- WALK & TALK -- Dip & Fall Back: Classic Jamaican Mento (2006, Trojan) [orig. early 1950s, Kalypso]
Frankie Rose & The Outs -- MUST BE NICE -- Frankie Rose & The Outs (2010, Slumberland)
The Apples, feat. Shlomo Bar -- BOTOSH (ALWOOJDI) -- Kings (2010, Freestyle)
Shannon Rose & The Thorns -- GOOD FOR YOU -- Sing Me A Song (2010, Shannon Rose & The Thorns)
Likkle Mai -- COUNT ON ME -- Roots Candy (2005, Beat Records)
Nortec Collective -- PUNTA BANDA -- Bulevar 2000 (2010, Nacional Records)
Rah Rah -- ARROWS -- Breaking Hearts (2010, Young Soul Records)

Ebo Taylor -- AFRICAN WOMAN -- Love & Death (2010, Strut)

Thanks for listening!

Eleven days till CJAM's Pledge Drive! This is our main fundraising event, folks. Only once a year, all 150 of the volunteers here at CJAM will be on-air (or manning the phones) throughout the week asking you to dig deep and support your favourite radio station with a donation of your hard-earned dollars. Any amount is welcome and sincerely appreciated.

This year, our main goal is to increase the range of our signal's reach here in the Windsor/Detroit area. But there are other improvements that your generous donations to CJAM's 2010 PLEDGE DRIVE will also cover here at the station. More details are coming your way!

Meanwhile, please consider yourself specially invited to the pledge drive parties on both sides of the Windsor/Detroit border! The kick-off begins at 10 p.m. on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29th over at FM LOUNGE (at Chatham & Ferry in Windsor) with THE PEACE LEECHES and SURDASTER. See you there!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Do Cats Eat Bats? ... Do Bats Eat Cats?"

The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2010.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

L-Seven -- CLEAR VISION -- L-Seven E.P. 7" (1982, Touch and Go Special Forces)
Sweet Talks -- EYI SU NGAANGAA -- The Kusum Beat (2010, Soundways) [orig. 1974, Philips-West African Records]

African Head Charge vs. Professor Stretch -- BROTHER OF REALITY -- Drums Of Defiance (1998, On-U Sound)
Dungen -- MIN ENDA VÄN -- Skit I Allt (2010, Kemado Records)
The Mar-Keys -- REACH OUT (I'LL BE THERE) -- Soulsville Sings Hitsville: Stax Sings Songs of Motown (2007, Stax) [orig. 1970]
Square Root Of Margaret -- SO FAR GONE -- WYSiWYG (2010, Marky Menkle Music)
The Black Seeds -- ONE STEP AT A TIME (J-STAR REMIX) -- Specials: Remixes & Versions From Solid Ground (2010, Black Seeds)

Cibelle -- THE GUN & THE KNIFE -- Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel (2010, Crammed Discs)
Random Recipe -- LACK OF SLEEP -- Fold It! Mold It! (2010, BonSound)
The Plastic People Of The Universe -- MAGICKE NOCI -- Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned (1978, Scopa Invisible)
Lee Harvey Osmond -- CUCKOO'S NEST -- Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton 5 (2010, ind.)
UB40 -- LOST & FOUND -- TwentyFourSeven (2008, Reflex)

The Good Lovelies -- SLEEPWALKIN' -- Good Lovelies (2010, Good Lovelies)
The Rebels -- INDIAN REBELS -- Raks Raks Raks: 27 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets From The Iranian 60s Scene (2009, Raks Discos)
aKido -- MRCHF THFTR -- Gamechanger (2010, Nordique)
Esperanza Spalding -- INUTIL PAISAGEM -- Chamber Music Society (2010, Heads Up International)
Dubmatix, feat. Omar Perry -- DEM NO LIKE IT -- System Shakedown (2010, 7 Arts Entertainment)
Los Amaya -- QUE MALA SUERTE LA MIA -- Achilifunk: Gypsy Soul 1969-79 (2007, Love Monk)

Ammoye & Rise Ashen -- TILL THE SOIL & BEAT THE DRUMS -- Haffi Win (2010, Balanced Records)

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Only One Ship And One Bell"

The LP is "Roots" by Ishan People, from 1976.
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2010.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Chilly Gonzales -- I AM EUROPE -- Ivory Tower (2010, Arts & Crafts)

Hot Panda -- MINDLESSNESSLESSNESS -- How Come I'm Dead? (2010, Mint Records)
Sweet Talks -- ADAMPANYE -- The Kusum Beat (2010, Soundways) [orig. 1974, Philips-West African-Records]
Dungen -- BLANDBAND -- Skit I Allt (2010, Kemado Records)
Grinderman -- BELLRINGER BLUES -- Grinderman 2 (2010, Artist Intelligence Partnership)
Hey-O-Hansen -- ANSWERGIVER -- Sonn und Moon (2009, Pingipung)

Fyfe Dangerfield -- HIGH ON THE TIDE -- Fly Yellow Moon (2010, Softlad Records)
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys -- OSSUN TWO-STEP -- American Roots Music (2000, Palm Pictures)
aKido -- PAPER CHASE -- Gamechanger (2010, Nordique)
Ishan People  -- ONE WAY TICKET -- Roots (1976, GRT)

Miles Davis -- GREAT EXPECTATIONS -- Bitches Brew, Legacy Edition (2010, Sony) [orig. 1970]
Victor Démé -- MAA GAAFORA -- Deli (2010, Chapa Blues Records)
Citywide Vacuum -- CIRCLOPS -- Pact (2007, Eleven37 Music)
The Vaselines -- TURNING IT ON -- Sex With An X (2010, Sub Pop)
It Kills -- DRAGONS -- It Kills (2010, It Kills)

Nick Lowe -- THE GEE & THE RICK & THE THREE CARD TRICK -- Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe (2009, Yep Rock) [orig. 1984]

Thanks for listening!

Nearly no 80s music this week -- until I came up a few minutes short at the end of today's show.  I had this Nick Lowe tune in reserve, just in case.  Nick Lowe is playing next Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at The Ark in Ann Arbor. And it's SOLD OUT!