Saturday, April 21, 2012


Wiley's Evolve Or Become Extinct, 2012, Big Dada Records
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Battles, feat. Gary Numan -- MY MACHINES [PATRICK MAHONEY & DENNIS MCNANY REMIX] -- Dross Glop (2012, Warp)
Charlie Binger & His Calypsonians -- TALKING PARROT -- Boogu Yagga Gal: Jamaican Mento (2002, Heritage Music)
The Wordburglar, feat. Selfhelp & Thesis Sahib -- FUN IS NUMBER ONE (EAT A PARROT) -- Burglaritis (2006, Hand'Solo)
That Petrol Emotion -- HEY VENUS -- Chemicrazy (1990, Virgin)
Minotaurs -- PINK FLOYD [I AM ROBOT & PROUD REMIX] -- Fink Ployd: The Thing Remixed (2011, Minotaurs)
Rah Rah -- BREAKING HEARTS -- Breaking Hearts (2010, Young Soul)
Peaking Lights -- BIRDS OF PARADISE (DUB VERSION) -- 936 (2011, Not Not Fun)
Cedric Im Brooks -- SILENT FORCE -- Jamaica Funk: Original Jamaican Funk & Soul 45s (2007, Soul Jazz)
Wiley -- HIGHS & LOWS -- Evolve Or Be Extinct (2012, Big Dada)
Mark Stewart -- AUTONOMIA -- The Politics Of Envy (2012, Future Noise)
The Black Seeds -- FROSTBITE -- Dust & Dirt (2012, Easy Star)
Learning -- THERE IS A LIMIT -- Live In A Living Room (2012, We Are Learning)
Lonesome Lefty -- NIGHT OWL -- Souvenir Album, Volume 2 (2010, Lonesome Lefty)
Ghostpoet -- GARDEN PATH -- Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam (2011, Brownswood)
Phoenecia -- TWO-PART INVENTION FOR BODRAN & COMPUTER -- Demissions (2011, DETUND)

Thanks for listening.

Link to show.

When putting together this show, I didn't know that Wordburglar's song was subtitled "Eat A Parrot". It belongs next to "Talking Parrot" because of the way they sounded together. I didn't make the lyrical connection until I was sitting in the on-air studio looking at CJAM's copy of Burglaritis. Those  unplanned connections are one of the fun things about mixing music together. Etc.

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