Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I Won't Stop Trying To Create A Disturbance In Your Mind!"

Thank you, Jesse Hill, for creating a disturbance in my mind.
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2012.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Spoonie Gee vs. The Sequence -- MONSTER JAM -- The Sugar Hill Records Story (1999, Rhino/WEA) [orig. 1980, Sugar Hill]
Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots -- COW COW BOOGIE -- The Legendary Decca Recordings (1995, Verve) [orig. 1944, Decca]
Birth Of Sharon -- VOLITION -- Andy Fairly: Fishfood vs. Birth Of Sharon (1981, Bristol Archive Records)
The Painted Ship -- SHE SAID YES -- 7"single (1966, London)
New Age Steppers -- CONQUER -- Love Forever (2012, ON-U Sound)
The Undertones -- HYPNOTISED -- Hypnotised (1980, Rykodisc)
Cœur De Pirate -- ADIEU -- Blonde (2011, Grosse Boite)
Cowlick -- HEY CAR -- Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton 6 (2011, C+C Music)
Gasper Lawal -- KAI ANIBABA -- Abio'sunni (1985, Hot Records)
Theory Of Everything -- WHAT YOU THOUGHT -- Schizophrenic Symphony (?)
Old Man Luedecke & Lake Of Stew -- TAP WATER -- Sing All About It (2011, Noise Trade)
Jesse Hill -- OOH POO PAH DOO, PT. 1 -- 7"single (1960, Minit)
100 Mile House -- BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE -- Hollow Ponds (2011, 100 Mile House)
Lotus -- GOLDEN GHOST -- Lotus (2011, Sci Fidelity Records)
Graydon James & The Young Novelists -- WE NEVER GET THE HEART WE WANT -- Live At Dublin Street Church (2011, Young Novelists)
Desmond Dekker & The Aces -- FU MAN CHU -- Trojan Reggae Brothers Box Set (2003, Trojan) [orig. 1968, Beverly]
Transkapela -- OLD-TIME SIRBA -- Klezmer Carpathian Music (2007, Arc Music)
Minotaurs -- LAZY EYE -- The Thing (2010, Static Clang)
Sonar Kollectiv Orchester -- MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS -- Guaranteed Niceness (2008, Sonar Kollectiv Records)

Thanks for listening!

Click here to hear this list! It's a direct connection to CJAM's archives, yo.
(Link is live for 4-6 weeks, sometimes more...)

Finally got around to reading the Doug Wimbish interview that Pinwheel Herman has been urging me to look at for quite a while now. Mr. Herman even posted a link to this DW interview in the Snark blog comments recently. (It's in "I Got A Twenty-Bar Poem In A Battle Rap..." from Dec.27/11.)
I enjoyed Doug Wimbish talking about his Sugar Hill days so much that I want to do a new weekly special highlighting Sugar Hill songs he played his monster bass on. (The Winter of Wimbish?) Let's get funky!
Photo of Doug Wimbish by Tasic Dragan.


  1. Wow! Its so great to hear "Hypnotised" again! I useta listen to that album more than their first, which might be a no-no, according to the canon.

    (btw...do these Undertones tunes hint at the Spring of That Petrol Emotion???)

  2. I like to counter the canon too.

    This is a curious idea... digging up Petrol Emotions. I don't actually have any in my collection, y'know.

    Hmmm... time to learn, I guess.