Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Now I Get My Fortunes Told For Free"

The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2010.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Johnny West -- WATER IN A WINE GLASS -- My Hellhound Crooked Heart (2010, Tosteestostas Music)
I-Roy -- YAMAHA RIDE -- Santic & Friends: An Even Harder Shade of Black (1995, Pressure Sounds) [orig. 1974, Santic]

Benny Spellman -- FORTUNE TELLER -- New Orleans Funk 2: The Original Sound of Funk, Volume 2 (2008, Soul Jazz Records) [orig. 1962, Minit Records]
El-P -- DRIVING DOWN THE BLOCK (El-P Remix) REDUX -- Weareallgoingtoburninhellmega mixxx3 (2010, Gold Dust)
Kako & His Orchestra -- KAKO'S BOOGALOO -- Broasted Or Fried? Latin Breakbeats, Basslines, & Boogaloo (2000, Harmless) [orig. 1968, Musicor]
Dandy -- RAINING IN MY HEART -- Tighten Up, Volume 3 (1970, Trojan)
Sunfields -- CITY -- Palace In The Sun (2010, Field Recordings)

It Kills -- NIGHT MAYOR -- It Kills (2010, It Kills)
Erika Machado -- SECADOR, MACA E LENTE -- The New Brazilian Music, Volume 1 (2010, BM&A)
Alkaline -- SKULL DUBBERY -- ExtraLongLife (2000, Universal)
The Wave Pictures -- I SHALL BE A DITCHDIGGER -- Susan Rode The Cyclone (2010, Acuarela)
Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford -- THE BOOGALA -- Lux & Ivy's Favorites, Volume 11 [orig. 1963?]
Miss Quincy -- DIRTY BOAT -- Your Mama Don't Like Me (2010, ind)

U-J3RK5 -- U-J3RK5 WORK FOR POLICE -- Vancouver Complication (1979, Sudden Death)
Fat Freddys Drop -- BIG BW -- Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW (2009, The Drop)
The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet -- MOANIN' -- Live! A Weekend At Centre St. Ambroise (2010, Bongo Beat)
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- DITCH -- Orange (1994, Matador)

Tony Allen & Moritz Von Oswald -- ISE NLA (WAREIKA HILL SOUNDS REGGAE LAND DUB) -- Tony Allen Remixes (2007, Honest Jon's)
The Zeros -- DON'T PUSH ME AROUND -- DIY: We're Desperate: The L.A. Scene, 1976-79 (1993, Rhino) [orig. 1977, Bomp Records]
Hey Marseilles -- CITIES -- To Travels & Trunks (2010, Onto)
Citywide Vacuum -- SWEET KRAUT -- Pact (2007, Eleven37)

Friendlyness & The Human Rights -- I WANT HER -- One Thing (2010, ind)

Thanks for listening!

I didn't know "Fortune Teller" was written by Allen Toussaint. But it was. Under the pseudonym Naomi Neville. Go ahead, check your copy of More Hot Rocks and Fazed Cookies. It's there. Among other places.

The only way I could figure the date on "The Boogala" was through the vocal introduction at the start of the song itself:

Now you remember "The Hully-Gully"
And you just dug "Louie, Louie"
We got a thing called "The Boogala"
Get your head all gooey
Make ya wanna tap-dance, right?
And work it on out.
Alright, let 'em have it.

Well, "Louie, Louie" came out in 1963.  So, I'll risk it and assume "The Boogala" came out soon after The Kingsmen's hit. At least until more reliable information comes to my attention, etc.

I'm not sure about the tap-dancing line either. Hmm...

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