Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something In Egypt, Not Italy

Anubis, from the Temple of Merenptah, Luxor.
Thanks to www.eoluk.co.uk for cool photo.
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011.
(Artist/SONG/Album, etc.)

Scritti Politti -- SKANK BLOC BOLOGNA -- Absolute (2011, Virgin) [orig. 1978]
Wild Man Fischer -- WHICH WAY DID THE FREAKS GO -- An Evening With Wild Man Fischer (1968, Bizarre)
Billy Stewart -- SUMMERTIME -- The Chess Story 1947-1975 (2000, MCA) [orig. 1966, Chess]
FM Belfast -- VERTIGO -- Made In Iceland IV (2011, Iceland Music)
The Diplomats Of Solid Sound -- NO MAN -- What Goes Around Comes Around (2010, Pravda)
Abstract Artform feat. Doodlebug -- SUMMER IN THE CITY -- His Story In The Making (2010, Sound Management)
Shonen Knife -- SUMMERTIME BOOGIE -- Pretty Little Baka Guy/Live In Japan (1990, Rockville) [orig. 1986, Subversive Records]
Aline Morales -- UN CHEIRO QUE ARREPIA -- Flores, Tambores, E Amores (2011, Aline Morales)
The Charmers -- RASTA NEVER FAILS -- The Trojan Story, Vol. 1 (1980, Trojan) [orig. 1971, Green Door]
Len Bowen -- BIG DREAMER -- Underground Hip-Hop, Vol. 6 (2011, Urbnet)
Lykke Li -- I FOLLOW RIVERS -- Wounded Rhymes (2011, Atlantic)
Algernon Blackwood Sabbath -- ANUBIS -- Forest Hall (Algernon Blackwood Sabbath, 2011)
Bing Ji Ling -- MOVE ON -- Shadow To Shine (2011, Tummy Touch)
Aurelio -- BISIEN NU -- Laru Beya (2011, Stone Tree Records/Subpop)
James Reese & The Progressions -- LET'S GO (IT'S SUMMERTIME) -- The Funky 16 Corners (2001, Stones Throw)
Allison Brown -- SOMETHING HOLY -- Viper At The Virgin's Feet (2010, Allison Brown)
U-J3RK5 -- THE ANGLICAN -- U-J3RK5 (1980, Quintessence)
Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco -- CÚCALA -- Salsa Explosion! The New York Salsa Revolution 1969-1979 (2010, Strut/Fania)
Del Barber -- COMING HOME WITH THE SUMMER -- Love Songs For The Last 20 (2010, Broken Ground)
The Chemical Brothers -- SWOON (LINDSTRØM & PRINS THOMAS REMIX) -- Another World (2010, Parlophone)

Thanks for listening!

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  1. The Snark is one of the few places I can get into music by actually hearing it!

    Still, most of the time, I have to rely on written articles and reviews to steer me towards new things (and older things I haven't heard yet).

    The latest documented (cuz I'm documenting it here) case of the flaw of this system is hearing this Lykke Li, whose reviews I've read made it seem not that great (even though some of the reviews were raves), so I never checked it out. But "I Follow Rivers" is great, and will lead me towards hearing more.

    Thanks, again, for the public service, Snark!

  2. ....and great to be followed up by Algernon Blackwood Sabbath, whose "Anubis" touches on the basis for Nugent's "Stranglehold", but takes it to a much better place.