Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"I'm In Doubt Of What The Modern Cynics Shout Of..."

Blossom Dearie is her real name.
Bob Haymes & Marty Clarke wrote "They Say It's Spring."
The Snark playlist for TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011.
(Artitst/SONG/Album, etc.)

Bjorn Torske -- FURU -- Kokning (2010, Smalltown Supersound)

Booker T. Jones -- HARLEM HOUSE -- The Road From Memphis (2011, Anti)
Al Tuck -- BUDDAH -- All Time Favourite (2010, Youth Club)
The Gladiators -- SOCKING GOOD TIME -- Socking Good Time: Rare & Unreleased Gems From The Trojan Vaults (1999, Trojan)
Beastie Boys -- NONSTOP DISCO POWERPACK -- Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (2011, Capitol)

Aurelio -- LARU BEYA -- Laru Beya (2011, Stone Tree Records/Subpop)
Scritti Politti -- FROM TINSELTOWN TO THE BOOGIEDOWN -- Absolute (2011, EMI) [orig.1999]
Blossom Dearie -- THEY SAY IT'S SPRING -- Putumayo Presents: Jazz (2011, Putumayo World Music) [orig. 1956, Verve]
Fat Freddys Drop -- CAY'S CRAYS (REMIXED) -- Cay's Crays Digital Mystikz Remix (2006, Kartel)

Kiran Ahluwalia -- MUSTT MUSTT (REDUX) -- Aam Zameen: Common Ground (2011, Kiran Music)
To Rococco Rot -- HORSES -- Speculation (2010, Domino)
Keren Ann -- LE SABLE MOUVANT -- La Disparition (2002, EMI)
The Souljazz Orchestra -- INSURRECTION -- Freedom No Go Die (2007, Do Right! Music)
The Albertans -- JACKPOT -- New Age (2011, Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
Balkan Beat Box -- SUNDAY ARAK -- Putumayo Presents: Gypsy Groove (Putumayo World Music)
Johnny West -- YOU WON'T BOND WITH THE VINE, BUT I CAN'T CUT YOU LOOSE -- If I Had A Quarter For Every Time Someone Stuck A Gun In My Face, I'd At Least Have Enough Change To By A Few Chocolate Bars (2009, Tosteestostas)
Dubmatix -- MY SELECTA -- Atomic Subsonic (2006, 7Arts Entertainment)

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Thanks to Marc from CJAM's Cowboys and Indies program for the Digital Mystikz remix of Fat Freddy's Drop, which I confess I've listened to at least four times throughout the day today.  The 12" remix that I have is totally different.  It's a delicious drum-n-bass version of the same song (Cay's Crays).  Can't wait to play it for you!


  1. "The new BeastieBoys is really really good!", says Mr.State D. Obvious

  2. Snark: Is there anything new on the Scritti Politti compilation?

  3. ...and thanks for more Aurelio!

  4. And yes, there are two new Scritti Politti songs on "Absolute"... both made with David Gamson (one of the other two boys in the mirror on the inside sleeve photo of Cupid & Psyche '85). I'll play one soonish, but it's more "White Bread, Black Beer" next week... because I wasn't kidding about The Summer Of Scritti.

  5. I think it's worth saying how good that new Beasties is... The first time I played it here at home, it was an instant dining room dance party. Yo!

  6. Plus, it's all your fault that I can't stop listening to "Boom! There She Was" over and over. Roger Troutman! And that bass sound! Yikes! I just can't help it!

  7. Loved the Bjorn Torske. I hear the live version is 45 min long :-)

  8. Ha ha! 45! That beats Lindstrom's half hour long song... "Where You Go I Go Too" -- which I assume you got on PP2008.
    Thanks for listening, DP! And extra thanks for commenting. Wow!